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Hospital Chaplaincy & Bereavement Support


We recognise that we live in a multi-faith society, that people of all faiths have spiritual and religious needs and that we must try and meet these needs in our hospital. Our chaplains have long reached out, through their work, to the diverse faith communities who put their trust in us for their medical care.

In addition to our hospital chaplains, support is available to patients from Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland parishes, and clergy from other denominations and religions are also available.

Bereavement counselling, funeral services, baptisms, naming/blessing ceremonies, meeting former patients and counselling patients about fetal anomalies are just some of the services our chaplains carry out. A Service of Remembrance for bereaved parents and relatives is also arranged every year.

For those who simply wish for space and solitude, the hospital oratory is on the fourth floor of the main hospital building and everyone is welcome to spend time here. A Book of Remembrance is also displayed in the Oratory.

Bereavement support

Bereavement care is provided by a multidisciplinary team throughout the hospital. A Bereavement Clinic for the provision of medical results and for evaluation of parents response to the loss is run by the Clinical Midwife Specialist (CMS) in Bereavement, as well as individual consultants. The CMS acts as an additional resource to parents at the time of loss and/or in the weeks and months following their discharge home from hospital. Patients may access further information on this service by telephoning 01 4085586 on weekdays. Out of hours, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

The loss of a baby at any gestation is devastating  for families and often their grief remains hidden or disenfranchised. For the grieving parent it challenges their core life assumptions, as they grieve for the hopes and dreams they had held for their child's future. Often, there are no words to express the magnitude of the loss and what we strive to provide at this time is bereavement care that goes beyond the medical model and reaches into the heart of our own humanity as fellow human beings. Bearing witness to a parent's grief and suffering is a felt experience for staff, as we strive to make a small difference to their loss experience.

Being sensitive to the care of those bereaved

The hospital has introduced an End of Life door sign to improve sensitivity in the care of those who may be anticipating, or having experienced a bereavement. The sign will be placed outside rooms to indicate that an issue relating to end of life care exists for the mother/family in the room. The purpose is to remind all grades of staff that sensitivity entering the room is required, and to minimise any unnecessary disturbance for any family who may be anticipating or experienced a bereavement.

We have also produced a booklet to help parents at a  very difficult time in their lives.

Bereavement booklet introduction

Bereavement booklet content





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