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Car Parking

The hospital has a limited number of car parking spaces available for patients and visitors. The Visitors' Car Park is beside the main hospital building and may be used by both inpatients and outpatients. The car park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Terms and conditions of use are displayed at each of the two entrances to the car park.

Between the hours of 8am to 4pm, there is a high demand for car parking spaces. It would not be unusual to find yourself in a queue of cars waiting for a space to become available in order to enter the car park. We advise you not to park your car on the public footpath outside the hospital. Clampers - who are not employed by the hospital - regularly patrol the area and clamp patient and visitor cars.


Up to 4 hours (or part thereof) €2.50 (Cars exiting within 15 minutes of entry - no charge applies)

Each additional hour (or part thereof) €5.00

Maximum charge for a 24 hour period €10.00

Lost ticket (charged at 24 hour rate) €10.00

There are some exceptions to these rates:


The hospital recognises that parents of babies admitted to this unit may have to spend long periods of time in the hospital, during the baby's stay. Parents, whose baby is admitted to the Neonatal Centre, are provided with free parking in the Visitors' Car Park, subject to availability. To receive this concession, parents must contact a member of Neonatal Centre staff to have their car parking ticket stamped.

On your exit from the hospital, take the stamped ticket to the Security Office (located opposite the Car Park Pay Station), where a member of security staff will provide you with a 'replacement ticket' to allow you to exit free of charge.


A special car parking rate is applicable on the day a patient is admitted to the Delivery Suite/Assessment Unit. This rate only applies where a vehicle is parked in the Visitors' Car Park for a period in excess of five hours. The concession voucher for this rate can be used only by the person accompanying the patient, and is provided as part of the admission process. The Special Rate for that day only is €7.50. Terms and conditions apply and are printed on the concession voucher.


On occasion, patients who come in for a routine Outpatient or Perinatal Centre appointment may need to be admitted for overnight care. Patients who have parked their car in the Visitors' Car Park may be given a special parking concession rate of €7.50 for the first 24 hours (overnight) of their stay. Unfortunately, as car parking is so limited, the normal car parking rates will apply after this period, so patients would be advised to ask friends or family to bring the car home.

In order to obtain this concession, please tell the ward clinical manager that you have parked your car in the Visitors' Car Park. She will arrange for a special concession voucher that you - or the person removing your car - should take to the Security Office, as well as your car park ticket, when removing the car from the car park.


Patients required to stay in hospital for more than 5 days may ask for a special car parking concession for their partner or next of kin. Please contact your ward clinical manager to request this concession.


In the event of bereavement or serious illness, a patient may nominate a partner, parent, guardian or other person to avail of a special car parking concession. However, the decision to grant this concession will be at the descretion of the ward clinical manager.

If you are given this concession, please take the concession voucher to the Security Office (opposite the Car Park Pay Station) to receive a replacement ticket. The concession voucher should be retained and presented to the Security Office each time the person drives out of the car park.


The day to day running of the Visitors' Car Park is carried out by the hospital's Security staff. Any issues relating to car parking should first be referred to the Security - Site Supervisor, who can be found in the Security Office, which is just inside the main campus entrance. You can telephone the Security Office on 01 4085242.

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