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Help us to minimise infections

Infection Control

All visitors are asked to clean their hands with antibacterial gel on arrival and when leaving the hospital and are urged not to travel to the hospital if they are unwell. Antibacterial gel is widely available throughout the hospital.


Visiting the Neonatal Centre

Thorough hand washing is essential for everyone who enters the Neonatal Centre/Special Care Baby Unit. Please use the handwashing gel from any of the dispensers you see.

The Neonatal Centre/Special Care Baby Unit is where premature babies, or babies who are very ill, receive special and intensive care treatment .


To check if there are any restrictions on visiting at present, please check the Visiting Hours section of this website, which can be found on the bar to the left hand side of this page.


Visiting in the Neonatal Centre/Special Care Baby Unit is restricted to parents and grandparents. Brothers and sisters of the sick infant may be admitted at the discretion of the Centre's Clinical Manager. Under no circumstances are buggies and strollers allowed.

Any specific precautions or instructions by a member of staff to visitors must be observed. If requested, visitors must leave the Neonatal Centre/ Special Care Baby Unit.


Please ensure that your mobile phone is turned off before entering the Neonatal Centre.


We understand that parents are anxious to share those first, precious pictures of their baby with family and friends. Before carrying out any photography of your baby, please seek permission from staff. In particular, if you plan to post a clip on, for example, Youtube, you must ensure that members of staff are not included in the clip unless you have their permission.


Flowers are not allowed in the Neonatal Centre/Special Care Baby Unit, as it is an Intensive Care Medicine facility.

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