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Help us to minimise infections

Infection Control

All visitors are asked to clean their hands with antibacterial gel on arrival and when leaving the hospital and are urged not to travel to the hospital if they are unwell. Antibacterial gel is widely available throughout the hospital.


How to enquire about a patient

We understand that you may be anxious to find out how a patient is progressing, or whether a mother has had her baby, before visiting. Some patients may wish to limit the number of visitors, particularly if they are recovering from major surgery.

If you wish to enquire about a patient, we advise you to contact the patient's partner, or next of kin. They will let you know if the patient needs extra rest. They will also let you know if the patient wishes to have visitors, and give you the name of the ward she is on.

Please respect a patient's wish if she does not feel up to having visitors.

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