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Help us to minimise infections

Infection Control

All visitors are asked to clean their hands with antibacterial gel on arrival and when leaving the hospital and are urged not to travel to the hospital if they are unwell. Antibacterial gel is widely available throughout the hospital.


Sending cards and gifts

Cards, letters, flowers and gifts delivered to the hospital are brought to the wards as soon as possible. Before you arrange for expensive items, such as flowers, to be delivered, please check with the patient's family if her discharge is imminent. Many mothers who can are increasingly taking the opportunity to avail of our Early Transfer Home Service.

Important information about flowers

Only flowers contained in an oasis, plus container, are permitted. Other flower arrangements should be sent home.

Cards and letters

If you are sending a card or letter to a patient, please make sure you have her full name, including her first name, and the name of the ward on the envelope. A sample address would be Ms Anne Ryan, St Gerard's Ward, Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital, Cork Street, Dublin 8.

Space in the ward is limited, so we kindly request that excess wrapping from presents is taken home by visitors, or alternatively arrange to have presents delivered to the patient's home.

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