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Cancer accounts for approximately 25% of all deaths in Ireland. Of these cancers, gynaecological cancer accounts for almost 13%. The most common gynaecological cancers involve the ovaries, the cervix and the uterus, with vulval cancer occurring much less often.

All women with gynaecological cancer are treated, in accordance with agreed international standard protocols, in association with the multidisciplinary Oncology service in St James's Hospital.

Support and counselling

Support and counselling is offered at an early stage in this process:

  • to help women come to terms with their illness
  • to inform them about any future investigations and the treatment
  • to discuss the common side effects or complications of treatment
  • to answer questions about prognosis, as far as this is possible.

In this process, the consultant gynaecologist forms part of the multidisciplinary team involving other medical specialties, physiotherapists, dietitians, nurses and ancillary staff.


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