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Maternity Registration Form

Maternity Registration Form

Even if you've had a baby at the Coombe in the past, all maternity patients must fill in a Patient Registration Form. Please return the completed form to us in order to receive your first appointment. Click the word 'more' (below) to download a copy of the form.


Domino & Early Transfer Home Services

The Coombe Domino Service aims to provide the same team of midwives to care for women throughout pregnancy up until the week after the baby is born. This service, whilst being separate to the consultant - led service, also works in very close partnership with the consultant teams.

A key benefit of this service is that the woman generally transfers home within 12-24 hours after the birth. Her Coombe Domino Midwife will continue to look after her and her baby at home until the 5th postnatal day. Five days after the birth, a Public Health Nurse will take over her care from the Coombe Domino Midwife.

Women who have just had their pregnancy confirmed and who are planning to choose the Coombe Women & infants University Hospital for their care should read the detailed Q&A leaflet here - Domino Service - to explain this additional maternity care choice.



If you are a public or semi-private patient living in Dublin 8, 10, 12, 20, 22, 24, Lucan or in Naas Urban, Newbridge, Sallins, Johnstown or Kill in Kildare, then you might be able to avail of the Early Transfer Home Service. This means you and your baby could leave hospital early and receive one to one care from one of our midwives, in your own home, in the first week of having your baby.

If you have had a normal delivery and feel well, you can leave the hospital from 12 hours after delivery. If you have had a caesarean section, you may be able to go home earlier than the 5th post-natal day. Before you go, you will have a full assessment to make sure you are ready for transfer home. A paediatrician will also complete a full examination of your baby before he/she leaves the hospital. After that, a midwife will visit you in your home up to and including Day 5, depnding on individual needs. If an additional  visit is needed, it will be made. Visits will include:

  • A physical examination of you and your baby
  • Assistance with feeding, whether it is breast and/or bottle
  • Advice on baby care
  • On Day 5, the New Born Blood Spot screening test, also known as the heel prick, will take place
  • Your baby's weight will be checked
  • You will be given any available information on local support groups
  • Your midwife will tell you where your local health centre is and let you know about BCG and other vaccination programmes
  • Your midwife will update the Public Health Nurse who takes over after Day 5
  • You can ask your midwife any questions that may be concerning you and she will do her best to address your needs
  • Finally, in the event of any problems, your midwife will refer you to your GP or back to hospital, whichever is the more appropriate.

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