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Maternity Registration Form

Maternity Registration Form

Even if you've had a baby at the Coombe in the past, all maternity patients must fill in a Patient Registration Form. Please return the completed form to us in order to receive your first appointment. Click the word 'more' (below) to download a copy of the form.


What to bring in your hospital bag

You should divide up the following into two small pieces of luggage. Have your labour bag ready to take with you when you think you are going into labour.

Your hospital bag for labour should contain the following:

  • Maternity notes with birth plan
  • An old t-shirt/night shirt for labour
  • Wide opening nightshirt pyjamas if breastfeeding
  • An old pair of socks for labour (your feet can get cold in labour)
  • Personal items: toiletries, tissues, lip balm
  • Birthing ball (if desired)
  • TENS machine (if desired)
  • Breast pads
  • Support bra/nursing bra, if breastfeeding
  • Sanitary towel packs (2 packs, Maternity variety)
  • Disposable/old knickers for after the birth
  • Dressing gown/slippers/spare nightwear
  • Flip flops for the shower
  • Dark coloured towel/one for each day
  • Camera
  • Change for parking facilities/payphone
  • Light snacks, magazines, newspapers
  • Own pillow in coloured pillowcase (if desired)
  • Hair ties/accessories
  • Comfortable clothes to go home in (which fit you at 26 weeks pregnant)
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Any relevant prescribed medication
  • Biro

For baby:

  • Long sleeved grows X 6
  • Vests X 6 (all baby clothes should be pre-washed before packing)
  • Cardigan
  • Hat
  • Pre-washed baby towel
  • Pack of nappies (newborn size)
  • Cotton wool balls/pack
  • Baby bibs X 6
  • Baby blanket X 2
  • Cot sheet X 2
  • Car seat (to be brought in on the day you are going home)

Your outdoor clothing will need to be taken home by your partner/next of kin after you have been admitted, as there isn't enough space to store these items. Valuables, including mobile phones, should also be taken home. If you should happen to lose, or mislay, any property in the hospital, you should ensure that your home contents cover is sufficient to recover the loss, as the hospital insurer will not cover any losses.

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