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30 June 2017

Coombe offers new Harmony Pre-natal Screening service to pregnant women

A simple and safe blood test to detect Down Syndrome, Edwards' Syndrome and Patau Syndrome and allows pregnant women to be screened with a non invasive procedure has been introduced in the Coombe.

This fee based service is open to all Coombe patients, both public and private, and costs €400, payable in advance.

The screening, known as Harmony Pre-Natal Screening, involves taking a blood sample from the mother at at least 10+2 weeks of the pregnancy.

The benefit of the screening is that the pregnancy is not put at risk of miscarriage or other risks that are associated with more invasive procedures, such as amniocentisis.

By offering a non invasive prenatal testing service, fewer pregnant women will need to consider other diagnostic testing, which carries a risk of miscarriage.

If you wish to book a Harmony Screening, please email the following information to

Your name:

Date of birth:

Hospital number (if you have had your Registration Appointment and know it)

First day of your last period:

Mobile telephone number:

 Harmony Pre-natal Screening information

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