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30 June 2015

Department of Health announces site for re-development of Coombe Hospital

The Department of Health today has announced the locations for the re-development of the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital and the Rotunda Hospital.

A review of the proposed sites for the development of maternity hospitals in Dublin was necessary following the Government's decision to develop the new children's hospital at the St James's campus, and the need to develop a maternity hospital on that site.

The decision means that all three Dublin maternity hospitals will at a future stage be located alongside major adult teaching hospitals, following the earlier decision to move the National Maternity Hospital from Holles Street to the campus at St Vincent's University Hospital.

Welcoming the announcement, Dr Sharon Sheehan, Master of the Coombe said, "The tri-location model of maternity, paediatric and adult services  will, I believe, enhance the quality of care provided to women and children across the country and, as such, we fully endorse the development of the new children's hospital at St James's, and we welcome the opportunity to be the maternity hospital within this tri-located model".

The tri-location of adult, children's and maternity services will create a campus of healthcare excellence for patients across the age span.

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