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5 December 2011

Dr Jan Miletin wins award for outstanding care and dedication

The Maternity & Infant Awards, organised by Ashville Media, honoured Coombe neonatologist, Dr Jan Miletin recently. The 2011 Special Merit Award for Outstanding Care and Dedication was given to Dr Miletin at a televised awards luncheon.

Here is Dr Miletin's citation:

The Special Merit Award for Outstanding Care and Dedication this year is given to an inspirational person who not only acts as a strong pillar of emotional and informational support, but has provided hope for countless families across Ireland. This person is Consultant Neonatologist, Dr Jan Miletin from the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital.

Having qualified as a doctor in 1999 in the Czech Republic, Dr Miletin proceeded to train as a paediatrician and then a neonatologist, working in a variety of paediatric and neonatal units in Prague, and also spending time in London's Great Ormond Street Hospital and King's College Hospital. In 2006, Dr Miletin was appointed as Neonatal Registrar in the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital. In January 2008 he was appointed Consultant Neonatologist.

For the last three years, Dr Jan Miletin has received multiple nominations in the Paediatrician category in the Maternity & Infant Awards; in 2010 he was the winner of this award. Dr Miletin was nominated three times again for the 2011 Awards. In light of this, it was determined by the Maternity & infant Awards judging panel that he is a worthy recipient of the Special Merit Award. Not only is Dr Miletin an extermely dedicated individual, his nominators' report that he consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Dr Miletin's straightforward and personal approach led one of his nominators to say that: "Dr Miletin was never afraid to be completely honest with us, but he was so positive at the same time".

Another parent of one of his patients confessed that: "I ask him so many questions and he answers every one of them so informatively and patiently". A second nominator of his this year named her son after Dr Miletin, who did not give up on saving baby James's life. He performed resuscitation on him for nine minutes and carried out state of the art brain cooling treatment to ensure her son did not suffer brain damage.

The Maternity & Infant Awards will be shown on TV3 on December 5th at 15.35pm. The show will also be available on 3player after this date.


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